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Saturday, June 16 Father’s Day Celebration!

Saturday, June 16 Father’s Day Celebration!

Celebrate Fathers Day at the James Bay Market!

  • Live Forging Demonstration by Father and Son Blacksmith Artists from Foggy Mountain Forge

  • Ticket Raffle with 3 chances to win! Great Prizes!

  • Music Feature: Quinn & Qristina Bachand

  • Make a gift for dad at the Kids tent

  • Man-cave Deals and Discounts

Featured Musicians: Qristina & Quinn Bachand @ 11am

With three Canadian Folk Music Award nominations, three Irish Music Award nominations and two Irish Music Award wins for Top Traditional Group & Top Duo – and all since 2009 – Qristina & Quinn Bachand are quickly becoming two of the most important young musicians in the Celtic music world.

Twenty-one year old Qristina Bachand is an expressive and passionate fiddler, with a unique style that is both bold and edgy. Clearly at ease on stage, she consistently captivates audiences with her spirited performance – showcasing her energy and her love of Celtic music. A talented and soulful vocalist, Qristina has begun adding songs to the duo’s repertoire. She is already receiving rave reviews as a vocalist.

With “diverse musical talents and a bottomless pool of creativity”, sixteen year old Quinn Bachand has been called the “young lion” of Celtic guitar (Daniel Lapp). He is one of the most gifted and creative guitar players today, adding a contemporary edge to traditional Celtic music. In particular, it is his unique harmonies, hard-driving strumming, inventive chord voicing and powerful rhythmic effects that make even the most well-worn tunes seem new and exciting. A sought-after sideman, Quinn has accompanied Canadian fiddling icons Ashley MacIsaac and Natalie MacMaster on a number of international and national tours.

Together, Qristina & Quinn create lively music that is challenging, yet refreshing and fun. This spirit and skill is showcased perfectly in their two critically acclaimed albums, “Relative Minors” (2008) and “Family” (2011). Their debut CD, “Relative Minors”, received much recognition, including a 2009 Canadian Folk Music Award nomination. It continues to be featured on Celtic and folk music radio programs across the world.

Forging has an ancient history with the earliest signs of metalworking dating back to about 4500 B.C. The art of forging, shaping metal using heat and pressure, progressed until the Dark Ages; the same time that most industrial, scientific and cultural advancements halted. Before this time, possession of metals was highly regarded as a sign of wealth. The Romans even had gods dedicated to the forge, the most notable being Vulcan.
This coming Saturday Marty Gilbertson and his son Justin of Foggy Mountain Forge in Sooke, BC will be forging metal into creative art pieces on site at the James Bay Market!

Coming from a large farming family which was very self reliant, Marty Gilbertson was set on his journey working with metal from a young age. Today, and with 30 plus years of experience Marty Gilbertson’s work combines ancient metalworking techniques with the best of modern technology. Much of his inspiration coming from the construction and joining methods that are forged in the centuries of the blacksmiths craft.

Having visited over 65 countries in the past 10 years, Marty’s son Justin returned home in the later part of 2011 to lay down his roots and with his father built his current home overlooking French Beach in Shirley, a stone’s throw from his parents on the family acreage. It was here while hanging out in his dad’s studio that his addiction for blacksmithing made itself known. Justin is currently developing a style of his own as an apprentice under the teachings and mentor-ship of his father while Marty himself continues to amaze people with his new designs and ideas on various projects.

In the fires of the forge, endless creative possibilities exist in iron and steel, materials that when worked hot, become elastic and highly malleable and yet when cooled the materials are strong and resilient. Forged metal takes on properties that are based in nature and envelop fantasy and seem to have a life of their own. Each piece of work continues to inspire and lasts a lifetime.

Clients of Foggy Mountain include architects, interior designers as well as private individuals, all who appreciates craftsmanship and have an eye for detail. Recent commissions have included sculptural pieces of art, and a wide range of architectural forge work. From complex entrance gates, lighting, and railings, to fine intricate pieces that stir the imagination.

See you at the James Bay Market!

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