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There is Nothing Better than Fresh Produce from the James Bay Market

There is Nothing Better than Fresh Produce from the James Bay Market

There is nothing better than fresh produce from our amazing growers… So, what’s in Season at the James Bay Market right now? Lots!

Right now, you can expect to see heaps of lettuces, radishes, salad turnips, kale, tomatoes, rhubarb, carrots, eggplant, beans, leeks and greens of every sort to toss in a salad or stir-fry. We might even see strawberries soon… so excited!

Why Buy Straight from our Local Farmers

There are so many benefits to buying straight from our growers. They receive a higher percentage of our food-money, which in turn grows and strengthens our local economy.

Local produce is harvested at their peak ripeness so we receive tastier, healthier and more nutritious foods for our families.

Understanding where our food comes from creates community and pride in our food-systems. You can buy local, fresh, seasonable and sustainable each week at the James Bay Market!

Our Farmers and Growers:

  • Farm or Die Agriculture
  • Glanford Greenhouses
  • Moose and Bean Farms
  • Saanich Organics
  • Suntrio Farm
  • Bird and Bean Farm
  • Gobind Farm

See you each Saturday from 9-3pm at the Corner of Menzies & Superior, Victoria, BC (May 6th to October 7th, 2023).

  1. Susan McDonald05-30-23

    Saturday May 27th my husband and I were at James Bay Market. My husband bought me a gorgeous pair of earrings for my birthday. The earrings were made from the inner parts of watches. Somewhere I have lost them before I got back to our B&B on the wharf. I’m hoping that I left them at the vendor or if they fell somewhere that they were returned to the vendor.
    Could you please check with the vendor. You can give him my email address. He was very friendly. We paid cash. I don’t know the name of the shop. Ph 780-451-2949 Edmonton

    • Fiona Rust06-01-23

      Hello Susan, so sorry to hear that you lost your earrings. I will check with Gary from “Watch What We Do” and give him your contact information. I will also ask the Volunteers. Fingers crossed they were left at the Market and turned in. Take care!


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